Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dream of You

There's nothing written in the stars,
I've not experienced the beyond;
there's only this ache in my heart
which will dissipate when I'm gone.

There's only lost thoughts in the air,
random emotions haunting me.
There's only sadness and despair;
I'm swimming in a lonely sea.

I cannot spot that peaceful shore
where we can finally meet and share;
there's only hunger, only war,
no higher justice, nothing fair.

There is no answer to the questions
that keep eating up my brain,
only illusions of perception
just briefly relieving my pain.

I hear a crowd that hopes and prays
while preachers sin their words away;
as our meat rots, our souls decay,
and great creations fall and fade.

I've not seen paradise or hell,
yet I still yearn for something true
but you, my love, are lost as well
and I can only dream of you.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Razón - Reason

Mucha gente piensa que ayuda cuando nos dice "no hay razón para que te sientas así," pero lo único que hacen es disminuir una emoción que obviamente nos tiene poseídos. No hay razón para muchas de las cosas que sentimos: amor, tristeza, miedo, estrés, deseo... sin embargo estas son poderosas fuerzas que nos llevan por la experiencia de esta vida. Entender a alguien no significa darle sentido a lo que les pasa desde un punto de vista lógico; significa sentir compasión y empatía, incluso cuando no podemos entenderlos con nuestra razón.


Many people think they help when they say to us "there's no reason for you to feel this way," but all they do is diminish an emotion that has obviously taken over us. There's no reason for a lot of the things we feel: love, sadness, fear, stress, joy, desire... yet these are strong forces that drive us through our experience in this life. Understanding someone doesn't mean making sense of what they're going through in a logical way; it means compassion and empathy, even when we cannot understand them with our reason.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Protección - Protection

¿Por qué alguna gente dice cosas que lastiman disfrazadas de cariño, consejos o preocupación? ¿Por qué no se callan hasta que reciben una respuesta igualmente dañina? ¿Cómo aprendo a proteger mi corazón y al mismo tiempo hacerlo accesible si quiero? ¿Cómo me hago más sensible al amor y a la belleza y a la vez impermeable al odio y a la fealdad que me rodea?
Why some people say hurtful things disguised as care, good advice or concern? Why won’t they shut up until someone replies in an equally damaging way? How do I learn to protect my heart and at the same time make it reachable at will? How do I grow sensitive to love and beauty but impermeable to hate and all the ugliness around me?